uuencoded version of indhist ...

Vilok (V.) Kusumakar vilok at CA.BNR
Mon Dec 7 22:11:00 UTC 1992


Thanks to Tarun for providing indhist in compressed, uuencoded
format. BUT...
I tried the following but couldn't get indhist to install properly.
 1. uudecoded the file (Note: it gave me message "Short file" !!)
 2. uncompress ind.tar.Z
 3. tar xvf on ind.tar
     This created a directoy "ind" with only *one* file "INSTALL" in it.
     I ran INSTALL and it completed by saying that installation is
     complete but I couldn't find the command anywhere.
I think the problem is in tar. It should have created more than one file
in directory ind.
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