Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at UK.AC.UCL
Sun Dec 6 17:56:41 UTC 1992

On Dec 5,  7:00pm, Narain wrote:
> I read through the indhist message, but i did not find any executable
> files and databases....can anyone please explain how to get these??(do i
> need to ftp these from some site?)
The file I sent out was just the readme file.  The whole package is available
from the INDOLOGY fileserver at Liverpool.  Send the message
"get indhist xxe" to the address "listserv at" and the
package will be returned to you as email.  Then you need to run
it through the program XXdecode, followed by unZIP.  Then you
will have to run the Install routine.  For me, on an AIX host,
this worked smoothly, and made an Indhist executable for me in a
matter of minutes.  NB  Indhist is currently written for Unix, and
doesn't work on Macs or DOS PCs.

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