Proven Success of the ManjushreeCSX font

madhav.deshpande at EDU.UMICH.CC.UM madhav.deshpande at EDU.UMICH.CC.UM
Mon Aug 24 17:35:08 UTC 1992

        This morning I anxiously downloaded Peter Schreiner's CSX-
coded text of Saundaryalahari from the University of Washington FTP.
Two days ago Shelly Pollock had asked me if my new font ManjushreeCSX
would be able to directly read a CSX coded text.  This was the first
test.  After moving the CSX coded text of Saundaryalahari to my Mac by
using the Apple File Exchange, I read it with my MS word.  I use the Select All
command and then changed the font of the entire text to ManjushreeCSX.
I am delighted to report that the entire text of Saundaryalahari became
immediately readable with roman diacritics with not a single error in its
100 plus verses.  I am glad to report this success.  Once this font or
its TrueType version is transported to other platforms, the same success
can be expected.
        To make one point of clarification.  Since the MAC allows the use
of a much wider range of extended characters, I have made use of these
extra characters to code many more combinations of diacritics which are
normally not used, but need for a specialized field like Paninian
 linguistics.For instance, one can show a nasal long accented vowel r.  Such
are currently not included in the CSX coding.  Thus, the current CSX coding
forms a subset of the total scheme of encoding used for the ManjushreeCSX
        Madhav Deshpande

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