A.s.taadhyaayii and Buddhacarita available from the INDOLOGY listserv

Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at UK.AC.UCL
Thu Apr 16 16:58:37 UTC 1992

The listserv software that we use for this INDOLOGY group also
has some functions that enables it to store files for retrieval
by INDOLOGY members.  If you send the message "help" to
the address "listserv at liverpool.ac.uk", you will get some initial
documentation that will tell you what to do next to get a full
description of the listserv's file-server functions.
Anyway.  Chris Wooff, who kindly runs the Liverpool end of this
group, has generously agreed to allow some files to be made available
to INDOLOGY members in this manner.
I have now sent Chris two files:
  o  the A.s.taadhyaayii of Paa.nini (suutrapaa.tha) and
  o  the Buddhacarita of A"svagho.sa (trascribed by Peter Schreiner).
The files are in the form of uuencoded ZIP files, and will probably be
sent to you in chunks that have to be concatenated before unpacking.
To find out what the files are called, send the message
"index indology" to the address "listserv at liverpool.ac.uk".
To retrieve a file, send the message "get <filename> <filetype> indology".
For example, if part two of the Buddhacarita is called buca2.uue, send
the message "get buca2 uue indology".
The "index" and "get" commands have many extra features and options.
Get the listserv documentation to find out about them.  Infortunately,
these documents are written in IBMspeak, and are unnecessarily hard
to understand for mere mortals.

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