Devanagari for TeX

Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at UK.AC.UCL
Fri Sep 27 13:56:22 UTC 1991


As several INDOLOGISTs already know, Frans Velthuis has created a
superb Devanagari font using Metafont.  This is primarily for use with
TeX, although such fonts can be converted into HP LaserJet fonts, etc.
(But then there would be problems with inputting conjunct consonants,
etc.  This is all solved for TeX users.)
Two bits of news about Frans's fonts.
1/  The main news is that they have now been released for distribution
    free of charge.  They are not (quite) public domain, but are
    protected by a GNU software license.  In practice they are
2/  For advanced LaTeX users who are using the Mittelbach/Schoepf
    New Font Selection Scheme, I have modified dev.sty so that
    it can be used with the NFSS.  The new Devanagari font style
    is called "newdev.sty".

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