Gujarati on the MAC.

Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at UK.AC.UCL
Wed Sep 25 17:14:12 UTC 1991


A Mr Ratilal P. Chandaria has asked me if I can help him
with a problem.  He is working hard at getting his Apple
Mac to do Gujarati intelligently.  He has a font, and
keyboard layout.  He uses MS Word by preference.  Now
he wants to set up a Gujarati spelling checker for use
with Word.  Or indeed, with any program.  He is not
anchored to Word, and has had some luck with another
WP program called WinWrite (I think it was) which
is better at multilingual stuff.
Anyone who would like to discuss this, or help Mr Chandaria,
is invited to contact him at
23 Radnor Place,
London W2 2TG
Office phone: 071 723 2323
FAX 071 724 9297.
Please don't contact me about this!

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