need info about grammar book

Sat Nov 30 16:28:48 UTC 1991

Status: RO

I am looking for a book called "Vyaakaran Kuunjika" by Uttamram Jayanand
Thakker. It is an introductory book  on Sanskrit grammar, written (I think)
for a Gujarati speaking audience. Could anyone on this list supply details
such as publisher and availability?  I don't even know if it is a small and
relatively obscure publication or whether it considered to be well known. I
came accross a very favorable book review of this book penned in Gujrati. The
book review was dated 1984.
ps: Dominik, I am sending a copy of this letter to you since last time I
submitted  something to the list, it never appeared, or at least never made it
to my mailbox. Greetings and regards,
                                         Ajit Ranade

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