how to sign off INDOLOGY

Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at UK.AC.UCL
Thu May 30 10:37:31 UTC 1991

Status: RO

In response to Patrick's request to be removed from the INDOLOGY
list, the way to do it is for Patrick to send the message
to the address
(or whatever address you ususally use for INDOLOGY, but with "LISTSERV"
in place of "INDOLOGY", since this is an instruction, not a message to
Later, to rejoin from a new site, send the command
     SUBSCRIBE INDOLOGY Patrick Olivelle
to the LISTSERV.
I thought this might be of general interest.
There is a lot of helpful documentation available about how the listserv
software (which is how INDOLOGY works) functions.  It is all sitting on
the Liverpool machine, and indeed any machine that has the LISTSERV
system running.  To find out what is available, and how to order it,
try sending the following commands (but not what's in square brackets) to
listserv at
HELP         [this gets you some general help]
INFO ?       [this gets you a list of the documentation files available]
INFO REFCARD [this gets one of the files, a reference "card" of commands]

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