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Tue Jul 9 17:05:00 UTC 1991

I am posting a message I sent directly to Stuart Lee in case it's of
any use to anyone else:
"Stuart, I saw David Gellner just now and he told me that he uses a
specially modified version of Chiwriter.  The modifications were done by
Gunthart Muller (I hope I've spelled that right).  It writes in Roman, Roman-
with-diacritics (for transliteration) and Davanagari (modified for Newari).
Gunthart has apparently produced versions for all major S Asian languages
(Bengali, Gujarati, Tamil etc.).  According to DG he was also planning a
version which allowed one to write in Roman/diacritic, push a button and
have the whole lot transposed into Devanagari.  Gunthart was in Oxford
(Merton? Balliol?) but is now in Germany.  The best I can come up with is
a phone number: (010 49) 71 21 42 886.  This is his office - according to
DG the secretary doesn't speak much English but is used to people requesting
Gunthart from the English-speaking world!"
I can't vouch for the accuracy of any of this (being a Macintosh-user, where
these things are simpler), but if there are any problems I can go back to
David Gellner (who isn't on this list) and try and find out more.  David
remembers paying just over L100 (direct from Gunthart) a couple of years
Marcus Banks
ISCA, Oxford

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