The body in Hinduism

Fri Jan 18 16:27:00 UTC 1991

Dear Dominik,
Chapters on the body are found in the classical Smrti literature such
as the Yajnavalkya Smrti, Visnu Smrti, and probably also in other such
texts. In our Agastyasamhita which is the subject of Barkhuis' thesis
there also is a chapter on the body, how dirty and miserable it is, and
how yopu can get rid of it. In the Yuktidipika are also passages that
describe the functioning of the body. In my WZKSA 1982 article I have
, I think, referred to a passage about the 10 pranas.
When I visited you in London you mentioned a program (german?) that
could make easily curly brackets etc. Could you again inform us about it
or send it if possible?
Did you receive my letter about the publication of your book in the GOS?
Could you kindly inform us about the present state of affairs?
Best wishes and greetings to Julia!
Yours,    Hans Bakker

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