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Thu Feb 14 17:22:31 UTC 1991


_REACH_, Research and Educational Applications of Computers
in the Humanities, the newsletter of the Humanities
Computing Facility of the University of California, Santa
Barbara, is now available in electronic form through
anonymous FTP.
FTP is a UNIX process which lets you transfer files from a
distant computer to your own system. Your local computer
center staff should be able to provide you with information
on using FTP from your own account.
Once you have FTP available, enter one or the other of the
two following equivalent commands to gain access to the UCSB
computer storing the files:
Try the first version, and, if that doesn't work, then try
the second.
Log on with the name "anonymous," and use your e-mail
address as a password.
Next, move to the directory containing the files by entering
the command:
     cd hcf
Now that you're in the correct directory, you can get a list
of all the file names by entering the command:
Then, to transfer any of the files to your own system, enter
the command:
     get filename
First try transferring the file called "readme." It shows
the contents of each of the files in the directory, and
gives detailed instructions for the FTP process, including
the complete log of an actual FTP session.
Finally, end your session with the "quit" command.
If you encounter any difficulties in using the process, send
me an e-mail note and I'll try to enlist the assistance of
one of our local wizards.
I'd be particularly interested to hear from those who find
this archive a useful form of resource.
Eric Dahlin
HCF1DAHL at ucsbuxa.bitnet

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