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This message is forwarded to INDOLOGY from the HUMANIST group.  Apologies
to those who are members of both.  I thought this survey might be of
interest to Indologists.  I haven't looked at it myself, but I would
assume that it mentioned, for example, the Pali Tripitaka project(s),
and perhaps the Austin/Delhi Ramayana/Mahabharata project.
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From: Jim Wilderotter -- Georgetown Center for Text and
Subject: Electronic Text Projects
Fellow Humanists:
For the past eighteen months, the Georgetown Center for Text and
Technology has been involved in creating a catalogue of projects
involving electronic text at institutions and companies around the
world.  Present accounting shows that we have on record a total of 312
projects over 27 countries.
We will be offering public access to an on-line version of this
catalogue sometime before the end of the current year.
Presently we are offering the list of project names and addresses
included in our catalogue.  If you desire more specific information
about any project, contact me personally at the address below, and I
will be happy to forward this information along to you.
James A. Wilderotter II
Project Assistant
Georgetown Center for Text and Technology
Academic Computing Center
Reiss Science Building, Room 238
Georgetown University
Washington, DC 20057
Tel. (202) 687-6096
BITNET: wilder at guvax
Internet: edu%"wilder at guvax.georgetown.edu"
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