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I could identify it is from Halayudha's Kavirahasya. But I wanted to know
whether Halayudha's own work or he himself extracted from any other work.

On Thu, Jan 2, 2020, 9:47 AM Krishnaprasad G <krishnaprasadah.g at gmail.com>

> Dear all
> In the book titled "Second book of Sanskrit" there are verses appear in
> couple of chapters, the author of the Second book of Sanskrit says that the
> verses are addressing to a King named Krishna. Could anyone identity the
> name of the work and author of the same.
> Page 4
> तद्विद्विषां जरति चेतसि भोगतृष्णा ।
> तेषां वपूंषि विपिनेषु च जारयन्ति।।
> सहते शस्त्रसंपातं सहति श्रममाहवे etc
> Any help is highly appreciated
> Thanks and Regards
> KP
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