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James Hartzell james.hartzell at gmail.com
Fri Aug 7 07:19:02 EDT 2020

Hi all

A short while back I posted a query about a reference in
the Bothlink-Roth electronic edition (Koln Sanskrit Lexicons), under the
3) n. mystische Bez. *eines best. Theils des Körpers* Verz. D. Oxf. H.
236,a, No. 567.

Several of you kindly pointed out that the abbreviation is explained in the
shorter version of the Bothlink Roth dictionary.

Jonathan Katz has kindly looked up the reference in the Aufrecht catalogue
at Oxford.  As he explains, "The citation is from a verse in a
Gorakṣaśataka - see verse 14 almost at the bottom of the first column (of
page 296). The Latin (Deinde de quibusdam corporis ... circumscriptis)

'Then <the author> deals with certain parts of the external body, precisely
related to mystic meditation'."

I"m attaching, in case anyone may be interested, the two scans of the
catalogue pages Jonathan sent me. Thanks again Jonathan!


James Hartzell, PhD (2x)
Donostia-San Sebatián, Spain
Center for Mind/Brain Sciences (CIMeC), The University of Trento, Italy
Center for Buddhist Studies, Columbia University, USA
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