[INDOLOGY] Russian scholarship on Tolstoj and his reception of early Buddhist thought

Omar Abu Dbei omar.abudbei at gmail.com
Tue Aug 4 06:35:22 EDT 2020

Dear List Members,

as I am interested in discovering some more about the inspiration Tolstoj
drew from his Buddhist readings, I would like to ask if there is anyone
among you who might recommend some scholarship in Russian - whether
articles or essays - about this topic. As for the writing I have discovered
so far, there's plenty indeed to read, but hardly anything that I would
define as scholarship (Ivan Bunin).

I know the subject of this enquiry may appear somewhat divergent from the
topics usually discussed on this list, but I wish to consult you as well
and not limit myself to the information I can gather from the field of
Slavic Studies. I would be extremely thankful for any suggestion.

With kindest regards,

Omar Abu Dbei

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