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Well done, Simon.



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Subject: [INDOLOGY] Harivamsha publication announcement

Dear colleagues,

I am happy to announce the following publication:

Simon Brodbeck (trans.), Krishna's Lineage: the Harivamsha of Vyāsa's Mahābhārata, Translated from the Sanskrit. New York: Oxford University Press, 2019. Pp. xl + 420. Hardback ISBN 9780190279172; paperback ISBN 9780190279189.

It is a complete translation of P. L. Vaidya's critically reconstituted version (Poona, 1969).
There are further details on the publisher's website here:

The translation and its introduction are aimed at the general reader, so I have also published an article which is essentially a companion piece intended for a scholarly audience, discussing in some depth the edition used, the emendations made, the translation strategies adopted, and a few of the trickier passages:

Simon Brodbeck, "Translating Vaidya's Harivaṃśa", Asian Literature and Translation 6.1 (2019), pp. 1–187.

Abstract and download of that paper are available here:

With all best wishes,
Simon Brodbeck
Cardiff University

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