[INDOLOGY] Date of Candranandana

Roland Steiner steiner at staff.uni-marburg.de
Sun Oct 13 13:01:50 EDT 2019

Dear Mathew,

That is what I wrote Andrey privately a few minutes ago:

I cannot think of anything obvious. sgrib med (if original and not  
corrupt) should be an etymological translation of the Sanskrit name of  
the king. Now thakkana/thagana is not a Sanskrit word, but could  
possibly be "Sanskritized" to sthagana. The root sthag means "to  
cover, conceal, hide" which semantically reminds one of Tib. sgrib pa  
"to obscure, to cover". Then what do we do with the negation (Tib.  
med)? I now had a bizarre idea. Could it be a desperate attempt to  
translate Skt. na (sthaga-na in the sense of a-sthaga or na-sthaga)? -  
Most likely too hypothetical and too far-fetched.


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