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Besides the wonderfully illustrated article shared by Lubomir, there is a lot of material on the yogapaṭṭa in Brahmanical ascetic literature. The conferring of the yogapaṭṭa appears to be some sort of higher ordination in the Brahmanical orders. See my edition of Vāsudevāśrama’s Yatidharmaprakāśā, 66.1–24, a section called “yogapaṭṭavidhi”.


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> Dear Herman,
> it is called yogapaṭṭa in Sanskrit (and has various forms in NIA, e.g. jogauṭā in Avadhi), see this article:
> https://www.theluminescent.org/2018/06/the-ancient-yoga-strap-yogapatta.html
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>> Jaina monks, or their followers, are often depicted sitting with a strap going around their bodies and legs. (a few years ago I saw this contraption in a posh interior decorating shop in Leiden as an alternative chair!) Could anyone tell me if this strap, or sitting supported by this strap, had a (Sanskrit, MIA or NIA) name. By the way, it is not a particular Jaina practice. If I remember well, the strap can also be seen on, for instance, the Borobudur.
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