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Dear all,

Please find below the Call for Abstracts for a Special Panel on Sanskrit
Syntax at the 2021 World Sanskrit Conference in Canberra.

If you have any queries, please direct them to me at
antonia.ruppel at ling-phil.ox.ac.uk.

Many thanks

  in the name of the panel convenors



Call for Abstracts for a Special Panel on Sanskrit Syntax at the 18th World
Sanskrit Conference in Canberra, January 18-22, 2021

(Conference Website: https://www.wsc2021.com.au)

As noted by Hock (2015), syntax continues to receive less scholarly
attention than other aspects of Sanskrit linguistics, and this is
particularly true of the post-Vedic language. At the same time, an
increasing number of scholars have begun to integrate the methods and
advances of modern theoretical syntax with the study of Sanskrit, and the
increasing availability of digitized Sanskrit corpora (e.g. via GRETIL,
SARIT, TITUS) means that it is becoming more feasible to make precise
statements and valid generalisations about Sanskrit syntax.

Now more than ever, research on Sanskrit syntax is able to move beyond the
descriptive accounts of the past to precise, formalised explanations.
Moreover, syntactic research can now take account of more fine-grained
differences than previously identifiable, for example between texts of
different periods and genres, as well as within texts.

To compare results and methodologies and to consider how to best advance
this area in the context of the WSC 2021 theme ‘Future Directions’, we are
particularly interested in papers addressing the following topics:

- The benefits and challenges of applying modern theoretical syntax to

- Evidence for syntactic change and variation between different forms of

- Semantic influences on syntactic patterns in Sanskrit;

- Genre differences, both across and within texts.

Please submit a 500-word abstract by the March 31 deadline to


Panel Convenors:

Prof. John Lowe, Dr Adriana Molina Muñoz, Dr Antonia Ruppel (University of

Prof. H. H. Hock (University of Illinois)

Dr. Eystein Dahl (The Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø)
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