[INDOLOGY] Dharmaśarmābhyudaya - request for help

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Wed Nov 20 12:17:37 EST 2019

Dear colleagues,

I am currently reading the Pannalal Jain edition of the Dharmaśarmābhyudaya
mahākāvya (details below). However, it is missing a few pages, and some
pages are blurry. I would be grateful if a kind colleague with access to a
copy, could scan the following pages and share them.

Faulty pages  – 38-40, 52-53, 60-61, 70, 128-129, 264, 275-276, 279, 321.

 Dharmaśarmābhyudaya of Haricandra: Pannalal Jain (Ed.). (1971). *Mah**ā**kavi
Haricandra Viracita Dharma**ś**arm**ā**bhyudaya - Pa**ṇḍ**ita Ya**ś**ask**ī*
*rtik**ṛ**ta Sa**ṃ**sk**ṛ**ta T**ī**k**ā** Sahita**m*. Delhi: Bhāratīya
Jṇānapīṭha Prakāśana.

Thanks in advance,

Naresh Keerthi
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