[INDOLOGY] Looking for two older (short) books on "Sadani"

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Dear John,

Whitley seems to be in the stacks in Berlin (details under "FULL


or long


Best, Richard

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Dear members,

Would any member of this list by any fortunate chance of fate perhaps
be in a library which contains either of the following two short
grammars of "Sadani" (known locally in Jharkhand as "Sadri" or

[1] Whitley, E.H., S.P.G. 1896. Notes on the Gánwárí Dialect of
Lohardaga, Chota Nagpur, assisted by A. Salkar, 1895. Calcutta: 1896

[2] Floor, H. 1931. Language Hand-Book/Sadani (The Patois of Chota
Nagpur). Calcutta: Tea District Labour Association. [Note that this
book may have "Tea District Labour Association" or "Anonymous" as its

Both books are mentioned in Jordan-Horstmann's 1969 grammar of this
language but my co-author and I (who have now otherwise finished our
grammar of this language and would like to send it off for
publication) have not been able to locate a copy of either. We are now
hoping that a smaller library which may not have all of its books in
digitally catalogued may be able to help us here.

Any help - whether as a scan, paper copy or loan of this book - would
be greatly appreciated!

John Peterson


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