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To my knowledge, the first text that states in so many words that the Veda is eternal and not composed is Patañjali’s Mahābhāṣya (which uses the word nitya, but not apauruṣeya; it does however deny that the Veda has been made (kṛta)). Kātyāyana appears to agree with Patañjali. My paper “When and why did the Veda become eternal?” is scheduled to appear in the proceedings of the most recent Vedic workshop.

Johannes Bronkhorst

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Does anyone know the origin of the term and concept that the Vedas are "nitya apaurusheya", eternal and uncreated by humans?

I have heard it might have originated in Karma Mimamsa.

Also, any information about how it was conceived, discussed and debated would be appreciated.



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