[INDOLOGY] Depictions of yoga in kāvya

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Dear Adheesh,

Two additional suggestions:

- Harekrishna Meher's Philosophical Reflections in the Naiṣadhacarita (1989) includes a chapter on Yoga.

- The introduction to S. K. Nambiar's English translation of the Prabodhacandrodaya (1998) includes a discussion (pp. 37-9) of the role of yoga in the play.

Best wishes,

Michael S. Allen
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Dear Adheesh,

in case you don't know about it, there is also:
Philipp Maas' article on Yoga in the Śiśupālavadha (published in Adaptive Reuse: Aspects of Creativity in South Asian Cultural History, which you can download here<https://www.academia.edu/31005848/Adaptive_Reuse_Aspects_of_Creativity_in_South_Asian_Cultural_History>).

Best wishes with your research!


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Dear colleagues:

In working with a student, we are curious if there has been research done on depictions of “yoga” (in any of its various manifestations), specifically within the ornate Sanskrit kāvya tradition.

We would be most delighted to get your recommendations of scholarly studies or of primary sources. Examples that come to my mind are the descriptions of Pārvatī’s tapas in the Kumārasambhava - (though it might be arguable whether this constitutes “yoga” per se) - or of tantrikas in the plays of Rājaśekhara, Kṣemīśvara, and Bhavabhūti - (though these characters, too, are not usually shown as practicing or engaged in yoga in any active sense, and are furthermore usually lampooned).

I look forward to your responses!

With all best wishes,

Adheesh Sathaye
University of British Columbia

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