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Dear Adheesh,

in case you don't know about it, there is also:
Philipp Maas' article on Yoga in the Śiśupālavadha (published in Adaptive
Reuse: Aspects of Creativity in South Asian Cultural History, which you can
download here

Best wishes with your research!


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> Dear colleagues:
> In working with a student, we are curious if there has been research done
> on depictions of “yoga” (in any of its various manifestations),
> specifically within the ornate Sanskrit kāvya tradition.
> We would be most delighted to get your recommendations of scholarly
> studies or of primary sources. Examples that come to my mind are the
> descriptions of Pārvatī’s tapas in the Kumārasambhava - (though it might be
> arguable whether this constitutes “yoga” per se) - or of tantrikas in the
> plays of Rājaśekhara, Kṣemīśvara, and Bhavabhūti - (though these
> characters, too, are not usually shown as practicing or engaged in yoga in
> any active sense, and are furthermore usually lampooned).
> I look forward to your responses!
> With all best wishes,
> Adheesh
>> Adheesh Sathaye
> University of British Columbia
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