[INDOLOGY] Depictions of yoga in kāvya

Rolf Heinrich Koch rolfheiner.koch at gmail.com
Sat Nov 2 08:40:35 EDT 2019

An important Yoga-posture for western people is standing on one leg and 
keep both arms up to the sky with the second leg in another upwards 

Sanskrit-sources like the MBh deliver the textual description where it 
is called
ūrdhvabāhu ekapādene tapas

One example is the tapas of Bhagīratha who brought the Gangā down to the 
earth by the power of his ūrdhvabāhu ekapādena tapas.

This story is depicted also in stone (I think, not sure, in 
Mahabalipuram): There you can see Bhagīratha stays exactly in the same 
manner like the follower of Yoga.

Also Arjuna used after the war this tapas to contact Indra.  This 
episode I saw represented in a similar way in a temple of Southindia.

I had also several encounters in India with Sadhus engaged in this 



Rolf Heinrich Koch

Am 02.11.2019 um 12:56 schrieb Roland Steiner via INDOLOGY:
> Dear Prof. Sathaye,
> You might also be interested in the following stories from the 
> Mokṣopāya (it's only a selection of possibly relevant narrations):
> -- The story of Uddālaka (MU, book 5, chapters 51-55)
> -- The story of Vītahavya (MU 5.82-89)
> -- The story of the raven Bhusuṇḍa (MU 6.14-28)
> -- The story of Śikhidhvaja and Cūḍālā (MU 6.81-114)
> Best wishes,
> Roland
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