[INDOLOGY] CfP: XXII Quinquennial Conference of the IAHR (New Zealand 2020)

Paolo Eugenio Rosati paoloe.rosati at gmail.com
Fri Nov 1 06:52:58 EDT 2019

Here the correct CfP (correct pdf is attached):

XXII quinquennial conference of the *International Association for the
History of Religions (IAHR)*
University of Otago (Dunedin, New Zealand), 23-29 August 2020.

*Title of the Panel: *Tantra, Shamanism, and Magic: Experiences, Practices,
and Practitioners at the “Margins” of the Indic World

*Convenors:* Andrea Acri (EPHE, Paris) and Paolo E. Rosati (Independent
*Email:* paoloe.rosati at gmail.com / andrea.acri at ephe.psl.eu
*Deadline:* 5 December 2019

*Abstract:* Tantra, since the middle of the first millennium CE when it
made its first step in the Brahmanic religious folds, challenged the
dualistic view of the cosmos as an opposition between purity and impurity.
Through its ritual violation and subversion of what was perceived as
orthopraxy by the mainstream religions in many regions of Asia, Tantra
emerged as a source of power, which was closely related to the milieux at
the “margins” of Indic mainstream religions. Through a multidisciplinary
approach, this panel aims to shed light on experiences, practices and
practitioners which have been frequently alienated by the mainstream Indic
religions across South and Southeast Asia. Particular attention will be
paid to the cross- and trans- cultural dialectic between mainstream,
tantric, and intersecting magic-shamanic “marginal” phenomena across
history and geography, and their instantiations in textual corpora, myths,
folk and oral traditions, visual and performative arts, rituals, and
Please email to paoloe.rosati at gmail.com (cc to andrea.acri at ephe.psl.eu)
your *name*, *position*, a *title*, a *long abstract* (500 words), a *short
abstract* (max 150 words), which in case of acceptance will be included in
the panel proposal, and a short CV (max. 2 pages) with your academic
experiences (paper presentations, publications, academic degrees, etc.) *by
5 December 2019*.

Best wishes,

Il giorno ven 1 nov 2019 alle ore 11:20 Paolo Eugenio Rosati <
paoloe.rosati at gmail.com> ha scritto:

> Dear All,
> Please forgive me. The CfP deadline is not 5 December 2020 but *5
> December 2019*.
> Sincerely,
> Paolo

*Paolo E. Rosati*

*PhD in Asian and African Studies(South Asia Section)Italian Institute of
Oriental Studies 'Sapienza' University of Rome*

paoloe.rosati at gmail.com
Mobile/Whatsapp: (+39) 338 73 83 472
Skype: paoloe.rosati

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