[INDOLOGY] CfP: XXII Quinquennial Conference of the IAHR (New Zealand 2020)

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Dear All,

Please forgive me. The CfP deadline is not 5 December 2020 but *5 December


Paolo E. Rosati

PhD in Asian and African Studies
(South Asia Section)
Italian Institute of Oriental Studies
'Sapienza' University of Rome


paoloe.rosati at uniroma1.it
paoloe.rosati at gmail.com
Skype: paoloe.rosati
Mobile: (+39) 338 73 83 472

Il Gio 31 Ott 2019, 15:51 Paolo Eugenio Rosati <paoloe.rosati at gmail.com> ha

> Dear all,
> please consider submitting a title and an abstract for the XXII conference
> of the *International Association for the History of Religions*, which
> will be held at University of Otago (Dunedin, New Zealand), 23-29 August
> 2020.
> *Title of the Panel: *Tantra, Shamanism, and Magic: Experiences,
> Practices, and Practitioners at the “Margins” of the Indic World
> *Convenors:* Andrea Acri (EPHE, Paris) and Paolo E. Rosati (Independent
> scholar)
> *Email:* paoloe.rosati at gmail.com / andrea.acri at ephe.psl.eu
> *Deadline:* 5 December 2020
> *Abstract:* Tantra, since the middle of the first millennium CE when it
> made its first step in the Brahmanic religious folds, challenged the
> dualistic view of the cosmos as an opposition between purity and impurity.
> Through its ritual violation and subversion of what was perceived as
> orthopraxy by the mainstream religions in many regions of Asia, Tantra
> emerged as a source of power, which was closely related to the milieux at
> the “margins” of Indic mainstream religions. Through a multidisciplinary
> approach, this panel aims to shed light on experiences, practices and
> practitioners which have been frequently alienated by the mainstream Indic
> religions across South and Southeast Asia. Particular attention will be
> paid to the cross- and trans- cultural dialectic between mainstream,
> tantric, and intersecting magic-shamanic “marginal” phenomena across
> history and geography, and their instantiations in textual corpora, myths,
> folk and oral traditions, visual and performative arts, rituals, and
> festivals.
> Please email to paoloe.rosati at gmail.com (cc to andrea.acri at ephe.psl.eu)
> your *name*, *position*, a *title*, a *long abstract* (500 words), a *short
> abstract* (max 150 words), which in case of acceptance will be included
> in the panel proposal, and a short CV (max. 2 pages) with your academic
> experiences (paper presentations, publications, academic degrees, etc.) *by
> 5 December 2020*.
> Feel free to circulate this CfP.
> Sincerely,
> Paolo
> --
> *Paolo E. Rosati*
> *PhD in Asian and African Studies(South Asia Section)Italian Institute of
> Oriental Studies 'Sapienza' University of Rome*
> *https://uniroma1.academia.edu/PaoloRosati/
> <https://uniroma1.academia.edu/PaoloRosati/>*
> paoloe.rosati at gmail.com
> Mobile/Whatsapp: (+39) 338 73 83 472
> Skype: paoloe.rosati
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