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Dear All:

This is a question about preparing an index to each half-verse of a text using the first pāda (pratīka). I have done many of these over the years, and I always used the proper word-ending at the end of each pāda, even though, because of Sandhi, the original may not have had that ending.

सो ऽचिराद्विगतश्रीको
would appear as: सो ऽचिराद्विगतश्रीक:
स्थालैः सह चतुःषष्टिर्
स्थालैः सह चतुःषष्टि:
Now I am questioning this practice, because the reason for an index is to identify a verse that one already knows. So why not give it in the Index just as it appears in the verse — Sandhi and all??

What do you all think?


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