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Dear Artur, 

As far as I can tell, the rest of the name is: 

sāybiṇīcī igarj 'church of our Lady' sāybīṇ = Goddess, here:
Mary, Oblique stem: sāybiṇī plus the genitive marker -cā, here
marked for feminine (-cī) because igarj 'church' is feminine. 


Am 27.06.2017 11:26, schrieb Artur Karp via INDOLOGY: 

> Dear List, 
> I cooperate with the (Polish) Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography in preparing for publication a list of the most important buildings/monuments in the world. I want to include in the list several Goan Roman-Catholic churches. 
> The most important of them is the Immaculate Conception Church in Panjim. 
> Now, the church's latin/romanized Konkani name is (according to Wikipedia): 
> Nixkollounk Gorb-Sombhov Saibinnich Igorz. 
> Since I need to present the name in its transliterated and transcribed form, I'd have to have it also as it is written in the Goan-Konkani devanagari script. 
> Almost two weeks ago I asked for help a Goan Catholic priest. I also addressed the Indradhanush (Word Net Project) at 
> http://indradhanush.unigoa.ac.in/public/webcontent/webcontent.php?id=38 [2] 
> I asked them to kindly add the names of several other important Goan Churches in both the romanized and devanagari Konkani. 
> I have no answer from them. 
> Have I, by any chance, broken some unwritten rule - by asking to send me the formal names of several Goan churches - in Latin and Devanagari script? 
> Dear List, 
> I would be very grateful if someone of you would give me address of a person/organization that would want to devote a bit of their time to fulfill my request, 
> Thanking you in advance, 
> Artur Karp (ret.) 
> Chair of South Asian Studies 
> University of Warsaw 
> Polska 
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