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Dear members,

anyone has the access to JSTOR to dowload articles from Proceedings of the
Indian History Congress?

*Boruah, Nirode. 2008 "Sanskritization and Detribalization in Early Assam:
Some Geographical Aspects". Proceedings of the Indian History Congress  69,
pp. 167-179. (http://www.jstor.org/stable/44147178
*---. 2004. "Pragjyotisapura, a Cultural Zone of Early Assam" Proceedings
of the Indian History Congress 65, pp. 68-81

Unluckily Sapienza University does not have a full access to this journal,
while the "on-line free reading" is not loading the article, although thre
is the option to read it for free online.

Thanks to who will be able to help me.


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(South Asia Section)
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