[INDOLOGY] chinese translation of Nāgārjuna's Prajñāmūlaśāstraṭīkā

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Beste Herman,

Als wij vanuit het volgende kunnen leren, de "Prajñāmūlaśāstraṭīkā" is
eigenlijk de *Zhonglun*, de chinese vertaling van Nāgārjuna's MMK met een
commentaar van *Piṅgala. Vide: Samuel Beal, "The *Chong-lun sūtra* or
*Prajñāmūlaśāstraṭīkā *of Nāgārjuna", IA 10, 1881, 87-89. Maar, er is hier
een verwarring: Als wij in Wikipedia kunnen lezen: "*Xu Gan* (170 - 217)
was a philosopher and poet of the late Han Dynasty
<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Han_Dynasty>....He is best known in the West
for his discourse on the relationship between the names and actualities,
preserved in his treatise *Zhonglun
the Balanced Discourses." In weerwil van hetzelfde titel, dit is niet
hetzelfde werk als die van Nāgārjuna. U kunt hier verder vinden:

Excuses voor mijn slechte nederlands!


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> Dear list members,
> In a passage dealing with possible sources of inspiration of Kālidāsa's
> Meghadūta Chintaharan Chakravarti (Indian Historical Quarterly 3 (1927),
> pp. 286 ff) mentions a certain Hsū Kan (196-221 AD), who in his Chinese
> translation of Nāgārjuna's Prajñāmūlaśāstraṭīkā describes a woman who
> requests a cloud to pass on a message to her far-away husband. I would like
> to know where I can find more information about this translator Hsū Kan, in
> particular his date and if something is known about his knowledge of
> Sanskrit Kāvya literature.
> Best, Herman
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