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Dear All,

like you I bemoan the sudden passing of my old friend Muneo Tokunaga. We had known each other for decades, for example, we overlapped  for a whole year at Jimbun  Inst. of  Kyoto University in 1979/80.

But, I lost contact sometime  after the World Sanskrit Conference at Kyoto in 2009, when he retired, and after working for the Ministry of Education etc.(Monkasho) for some two years.

In the meantime I have asked Japanese friends for more details, which I add below.

Muneo had unfortunately chosen to be out of contact with his old friends for these past years.
He once said, I remember, that retirement meant retirement, and that he left Indology behind.
Instead, he read books of philosophy (Heidegger? whose philosophy he liked when he was young).

One friend says that his  last e-mail exchange with him was almost two and a half years ago, when he suffered a heart problem and was hospitalized a couple of times. After that he seemed to be alright.

But, our Japanese friends had not known that he had been suffering from pancreas cancer.
His funeral was attended by his relatives.

It may be good if you could write to his wife at  this address:

Mrs. Tokunaga, Narusawa-mura, Jiragonno 11074-25, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi,  401-0320, Japan.
Phone: 〒401-0320 山梨県南都留郡鳴沢村ジラゴンノ11074-25

I hope this is helpful.


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