[INDOLOGY] Rājataraṅgiṇī

Balogh Dániel danbalogh at gmail.com
Sat Aug 6 09:38:53 EDT 2016

The term is jayaśrī. In the Durgaprasad (1894) edition (which is 
available on DLI, though I can't give you a direct link) the text of 
v8.671 goes:

sa saṃkucita-vikrāntiḥ kālasya balavattayā|

tatra bhagna-balo 'kasmād vyayujyata jaya-śriyā||

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On 06/08/2016 14:57, Patricia Sauthoff wrote:
> Dear all,
> In vol. 2, page 54 of Stein's Rājataraṅgiṇī translation there is a
> reference to the Goddess of Victory. Does anyone have access to the
> Sanskrit, chapter 8, verses 668-671, or know which goddess is named in
> the text?
> Thank you very much in advance

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