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Indeed. Brilliant and succinct. I think this could be the perfect basis for
a very powerful collective response to the Hindu nationalist attack on
scholarship. Best,J

On Fri, Aug 5, 2016 at 2:26 PM, Greg Bailey <Greg.Bailey at latrobe.edu.au>

> Dear Matthew,
> Very well said. Right to the point.
> Cheers,
> Greg Bailey
> On 5/08/16 6:53 PM, "INDOLOGY on behalf of Matthew Kapstein"
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> wrote:
> >Dear friends,
> >
> >I have not wanted to wade into this quagmire, but one aspect of the
> >debate I find so pernicious
> >that it requires some further comment.
> >
> >What we see emerging in some of these reviews and essays
> >is an "us versus them" mentality that places the traditional
> >scholar/adhik?r? on one
> >side of the equation and the contemporary/Western scholar on the other.
> >This is a complete travesty in
> >the face of over two centuries of fruitful collaboration between
> >traditionally educated Sanskrit experts and
> >scholars formed in modern philology. Both sides have grown and been
> >nurtured by their interactions with
> >the other. For those whose wish to hold that traditionally formed
> >scholars have lived in a sort of intellectual
> >autarchy in which "outsiders" have nothing of value or interest to
> >contribute, I suggest a close reading
> >of the works of the likes of Bhandarkar, Ganganath Jha, V. Raghavan,
> >Narendra Dev, etc., etc. etc. The
> >examples may be multiplied almost without limit. Unfortunately, what
> >seems to be occurring is not only
> >an intellectually irresponsible disparagement of Euro-American
> >scholarship, but perhaps even more
> >troubling, a near complete amnesia with respect to the history of modern
> >Indian scholarship in Sanskrit studies.
> >
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