[INDOLOGY] Anukramanis - warning - mentions Talageri in passing

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Add to this that a reference to "the Anukramanis" *tout court* is usually a
reference to "criticlessly received" information of the anukramanis which
is integrated into a Veda-student's recitations: it is an element internal
to his tradition, a part of the AAGAMA which he has encountered on his
Historical-critical studies of the Anukramanis in modern Indology by
western and Indian scholars -- modern Indology with its roots, inter alia,
in the works of Dutch pre-/proto-scientific indological scientists such as
Rogerius and van Rheede tot Drakenstein -- took necessarily as their basis
different anukramani-traditions as elements of what is past, ATIITA.
Both approaches have their value and may clarify each other.

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> Dear Dean,
> Anukramanis contain all the information vaidikas might want to know about
> the Vedic
> hymns  they are learning and transmitting (rsi, devata and chandas of
> hymns and stanzas), except information about their ritual application.
> Information from the anukramanis is integrated into the recitations of
> Rgvedins, in Sayana's commentaries and in the Brhaddevata.
> In turn, the sources on which the anukramani-authors based themselves may
> have been Brahmanas and now lost Brahmana-like traditions.
> Jan Gonda (H.I.L. vol. 1) Vedic Literature Wiesbaden 1975 would be as
> usual a good starting point: factual and
> conceptual basics with bibliographic references to relevant publications
> in the west and in India up to the early seventies.
> See pp 34-35 in a section mainly dealing with the Rgveda:
> "The anukramanis[80], though not belonging to the vedangas proper, cannot
> be
> separated from these auxiliary sciences. These succinct versified indexes—
> Anuvakanukramani, Arsanukramani[81] and three others[82]—provide us with
> lists of rsis, metres, deities, sections of the Rgveda and (the
> Chandanukramani)
> the numbers of the stanzas of the hymns[83]. Belonging to the last
> centuries of
> the Vedic period (± 5th-3rd cent. B.C.) they are attributed to Saunaka
> except
> the more recent and systematic prose sutra-work called Sarvanukramani, a
> "General Index" (± 350 B.C.), which, combining the data contained in the
> metrical anukramanis, is held to have been composed by Katyayana, the
> famous
> teacher of the Yajurveda[84]. With the SrautasUtra of the White Yajurveda
> by
> the same author it has the concise character of its style in common[85]."
> Gonda's main bibliographical references p 35 footnote:
> "Die Sarvanukramanl des Katyayana zum Rigveda, herausgegeben von A. A.
> MACDONELL, Thesis Leipzig, Oxford 1885; Katyayana's Sarvanukramanl . . .
> with
> extracts from Sadgurusisya's (12th cent.) commentary, edited by A. A.
> Oxford 1886; cf. also SCHEFTELOWITZ, at ZII 1, p. 89. MACDONELL,
> Brhad-devata,
> p. XXI. Some anukramanis of later origin need not detain us; see RENOU
> (-Fillio-
> zat), I. C. I, p. 306; RgvedanukramanI of Madhavabhatta, ed. C. KUNHAN
> Madras 1932; some editions by VISHVA BANDHU and others, Hoshiarpur 1966
> (DANDEKAR, Bibliography, III, p. 14)."
> Best, Jan
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>> I believe it's Talageri's second book that he says is based on the
>> Anukramanis. Witzel replied: Which ones? This seemed to leave Talageri
>> nonplussed.
>> Can anyone recommend further reading on the Anukramanis? Apart from a few
>> sources, it's not an area I've been able to find much information about.
>> Best,
>> Dean
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