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Dear Luis,

Thanks for this reference.


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>  Dear all,
> As part of this thread, the clear differences between the IVC and the
> culture of the *Rg Veda* have been briefly mentioned. Veeranarayana
> Pandurangi brought up another issue, the genetic evidence regarding the
> entrance of peoples into India during the Rgvedic period. He attached an
> article (Metspalu et al.) which, he said, "disproves the influx of people
> into India."
> In a new article called "Population Genomics of Bronze Age Eurasia
> (Allentoft et al.)," published in *Nature* only five day ago, the authors
> conclude that their "analyses support that migrations during the Early
> Bronze Age is a probable scenario for the spread of Indo-European
> languages." This goes in the opposite direction of the article by Metspalu
> et al., and gives strong genetic support to the notion of an influx into
> the Sub Continent between 3000-1000 BCE.  The authors of the new article
> used a very large data set for their study.
> Here is the abstract.
> The Bronze Age of Eurasia (around 3000–1000 BC) was a period of major
> cultural changes. However, there is debate about whether these changes
> resulted from the circulation of ideas or from human migrations,
> potentially also facilitating the spread of languages and certain
> phenotypic traits. We investigated this by using new, improved methods to
> sequence low-coverage genomes from 101 ancient humans from across Eurasia.
> We show that the Bronze Age was a highly dynamic period involving
> large-scale population migrations and replacements, responsible for shaping
> major parts of present-day demographic structure in both Europe and Asia.
> Our findings are consistent with the hypothesized spread of Indo-European
> languages during the Early Bronze Age. We also demonstrate that light skin
> pigmentation in Europeans was already present at high frequency in the
> Bronze Age, but not lactose tolerance, indicating a more recent onset of
> positive selection on lactose tolerance than previously thought.
>   And this is the link to the article:
> http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v522/n7555/pdf/nature14507.pdf
> Luis Gonzalez-Reimann
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