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Dear Professor Tieken,

Would that student be interested in Tamil sources? If so, please let me know and I’ll send her references that might be useful


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> Dear list members,
> A history student from Delhi (JNU) presently in Leiden is writing a paper on vāstuśāstras as a source of historical studies. I want her at least to know of the ideas such as expressed by Vincent Lefèvre, in his book Commanditaires & artistes en Indu du Sud. Des Pallava aux Nāyak (VI-XVIII siècle). Paris 2006, pp. 95-107 regarding the practical use (or rather, the absence of that) of such texts for the artisans and craftsmen: Briefly, the texts were mainly concerned with rituals; whatever practical information on construction etc. which is there, is there as a by-product of the ritual interest. If artisans refer to these texts they do so to enhance their status.
> Unfortunately, the student does not read French. I hope that some of the members of this list are able to suggests some publications in English which deal with these matters.
> With kind regards, Herman Tieken 
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