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Dear all,  
In preparing the editio princeps of the so called Wright Chronicle, a Chronicle in Nepali translated by Daniel Wright in 1877, we (Manik Bajracharya and me) came across two apparently Śaiva phrases which do not make much sense to us:  
   This ascetic built another house near the place, invoked Svatantra-mūlamūrti-ūrddhāmnāya and continued to perform the daily worship   of Paśupatinātha   
 The ascetic, too, caused the tāṃḍamantra together with Mahākālokta-agamārtha-nṛtyalīlā-prasannārtha to be inscribed on the parasol, and this unprecedented parasol was then offered to Paśupatinātha. 
Can anybody help us in understanding it (better)?  
Axel Michaels 

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