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Thank you for this very useful information. Would have a link or pdf for your article? Thanks again!

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> Dear dr Resnick,
> As you probably know, John Brockington takes the Asvamedhikaparvan in its entirety to be a later addition (The Sanskrit Epics, Leiden 1998, p. 153). In fact, according to him all the following books are later additions as well, or else late as separate books. That is to say, their arrangement into separate books was secondary, and introduced only for the sake of arriving at the number 18 for the total books (id. p. 154).
> As to your question, I have no answer. That I feel nevertheless obliged to reply is that I written an article on these final books of the Mahabharata, "The Mahabharata after the Great Battle". which appeared in WZKS XLVIII (2004), pp. 5-46). Maybe you find some inspiration in it.
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> In the Mahabharata’s 14th book, Ashramavasika-parva, chapters 32-33, Vyasa is able to summon all the warriors slain at Kurukshetra, who rise from the Bhagirathi and appear to Dhrtarastra, Gandhari, and all the other survivors and widows of the battle.
> Do scholars consider this section to be “old”? Generally, what do they make of it? Any information on scholarly reaction to this amazing episode will be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Howard
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