[INDOLOGY] Seminal Taddei article translated into English in new issue of Transcultural Studies (2015.1)

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Mon Aug 3 13:15:22 EDT 2015

Dear colleagues,

you may be interested to learn that the latest issue of the online
journal Transcultural Studies, published in Heidelberg, features
Maurizio Taddei's "Narrative Art Between India and the Hellenistic
originally published in Italian in 2003. The English translation was
drafted by Emanuele Mattei, and revised by Rudolf Wagner and Anna

With best regards, Birgit Kellner

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Dear All,

We are delighted to announce that the new issue of Transcultural Studies
(2015.1) is now online at:

www.transculturalstudies.org <http://www.transculturalstudies.org>

The issue features articles by Dhruv Raina, Maurizio Taddei, Christiane
Brosius, Lisa B. Safford and Catherine V. Yeh.

Our sincere thanks go to the authors for their contributions of
substance and to Andrea Hacker and her team for their – as always –
persevering efforts and exemplary commitment to the journal.  We wish
you enjoyable and instructive reading.

Please do forward the link to potential readers and - importantly -
contribute to the journal.

The contents of the issue are appended below.

With many good wishes for a pleasant summer!

Monica Juneja, Joachim Kurtz and Rudolf Wagner

Editors, /Transcultural Studies/

/ /

*No. 1, 2015*


*Editorial Note*


Monica Juneja, Joachim Kurtz




Translating the "Exact" and "Positive" Sciences: Early Twentieth Century
Reflections on the Past of the Sciences in India

Dhruv Raina



Narrative Art Between India and the Hellenistic World

Maurizio Taddei (translated from the Italian)



Emplacing and Excavating the City: Art, Ecology, and Public Space in New

Christiane Brosius



Art at the Crossroads: Lacquer Painting in French Vietnam

Lisa Bixenstine Safford


Recasting the Chinese Novel: Ernest Major’s Shenbao Publishing House

Catherine Vance Yeh

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