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Dear List Members,

I’m re-searching/re-studying the Tamil text iRaiyanAr kaLaviyal (iṟaiyaṉār kaḷaviyal; இறையனார் களவியல்).

In this text, a comparison is made between the “gandharva” type of marriage among the “eight types of marriages” (of the Vedic tradition?) to kaLavu (kaḷavu; களவு) of the Tamil type.

I would appreciate to have access to the earliest reference (and relevant interpretations) of the “eight types of marriages (ashTavivAha)” as mentioned in the Vedic (?) tradition.

I have several questions, but for now here are my specific questions:

1. In which type of marriage(s) did a woman have the right to choose her partner/husband?
2. What was the basic criterion for giving away a bride in marriage to someone OR taking a bride?

3. What is told/informed to a bride and groom during the wedding ceremony about “marital fidelity?” 

4. What is the precise Vedic (?) term for “marital fidelity?”

Thanks and regards,

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