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The following site presents an interesting viewpoint from a New Englander.


I am sure it has interesting resonances for Indologists :-)


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The OED:

Forms: 			ME–16 bragman, 15 bramane, 16–18 brachman(e,  brachmin, 16 brackman,  braman,  bramen,  bramine,  braminy, 17–18 bramin, 17– brahmin, 18 brahman.

Etymology: 			 <  Sanskrit brāhmana,  <  brahman praise, worship; some of the older English forms were derived from or influenced by the Greek spelling βραχμᾶνες (plural), Latin brachmāni, brachmānes, and medieval Latin corruptions; the form Brahmin, a corruption of the Indian vernacular pronunciation, is still all but universal in popular use; during the 19th cent. Orientalists adopted the more correct Brahman, which (often written Brâhman or Bráhman) is employed by most writers on India.

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