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*The OED:Forms:*  ME–16 *bragman*, 15 *bramane*, 16–18 *brachman(e*,
*brachmin*, 16 *brackman*, *braman*, *bramen*, *bramine*, *braminy*, 17–18
*bramin*, 17– *brahmin*, 18 *brahman*.

*Etymology:*  < Sanskrit *brāhmana*, < *brahman* praise, worship; some of
the older English forms were derived from or influenced by the Greek
spelling *βραχμᾶνες* (plural), Latin *brachmāni*, *brachmānes*, and
medieval Latin corruptions; the form *Brahmin*, a corruption of the Indian
vernacular pronunciation, is still all but universal in popular use; during
the 19th cent. Orientalists adopted the more correct *Brahman*, which
(often written *Brâhman* or *Bráhman*) is employed by most writers on India.

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