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The MS that was used for the cover of Wendy's book is in fact an incomplete
Nepalese MS that probably included the text of the Ratirahasya or the
Anaṅgaraṅga.  The surviving textual part of the MS includes passages from
Purāṇas, and passages on women's temperaments.

I attach my description of the MS, which is in the Wellcome Library, London
and is formally known as "Wellcome MS Indic alpha 1948".  Several folios
have been digitized and are available on the Wellcome's website.  Go to
http://wellcomeimages.org/ and search for "Nepalese."

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On 11 February 2014 12:51, Manu Francis <manufrancis at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear Colleagues,
> I have been asked by a colleague, without being able to provide a clear
> answer, about the date of the earliest Kamasutra manuscripts with erotic
> illustrations or simply erotic illustrations derived from the Kamasutra.
> Has anybody ideas and, even better, references to share?
> With very best wishes.
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