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Rupert Gethin Rupert.Gethin at bristol.ac.uk
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Dear James,
> I have been informed by my university library that the following 
> volume is unavailable on inter-library loan:
> Buddhism and its relation to other Religions: Essays in Honour of Dr. 
> S. Kumoi on the occasion of his 70th birthday, Kyoto, 1985.
> I take the reference from Hinüber's /Handbook of Pali Literature/, 
> which does not seem to name the editor. I am, in particular, looking 
> for Hinüber's contribution to this volume: 'Epigraphical Varieties of 
> Continental Pa-li from Devnimori and Ratnagiri.'
This article was reprinted in Oskar v. Hinüber's Kleine Schriften, 2 
vols (Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 2009), I 489-504

Best wishes,

Rupert Gethin

University of Bristol
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