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Nowadays, online tools make it possible to compile an international
petition.  See, e.g., change.org, etc. What do we think as a community
about raising a petition to the minister of culture (see their National
Mission on Libraries <http://www.nmlindia.nic.in/>) about the
inaccessibility of MSS at the SBL and the damage done thereby to national
and international scholarship on the history of Indian culture?


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On 4 February 2014 14:37, Martin Gansten <martin.gansten at pbhome.se> wrote:

> My thanks to Michael Witzel, Madhav Deshpande and George Cardona for
> sharing their views and experiences. It's a sorry situation indeed. The
> Sarasvati Bhavan Library catalogue includes some 120 MSS of 15 different
> texts relevant to my current research, some of them very rare -- but
> apparently unavailable. The situation lends a new meaning to the dictum
> 'pustakasthā tu yā vidyā parahastagataṃ dhanam'...
> Martin Gansten
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