[INDOLOGY] Sindhu- names of Indian submarines

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Wed Feb 26 20:38:22 EST 2014

Dear Indologists,

Does anybody know the cultural reason why the Indian Navy's submarines are all named Sindhu- as given in the following story?

Five of, of India’s thirteen conventionally-powered submarines, naval sources have told The Hindu, have exceeded their design life. The INS Sindhughosh, Sindhudhaj, the Sindhuraj, Sindhuvir and ill-fated Sindhuratna, all Russian-manufactured Kilo-class submarines, were all inducted between 1986 and 1988. The most recent of the Kilo-class fleet, the Sindhushastra, was puchased in 2000, preceded by the Sindhurakshak in 1997, and the Sindhuvijay was inducted in 1991.



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