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A brief note:


  *   Vākyapadīya of Bhartṛhari. From the Rao 1977 edition.  Full text, transcribed by Somadeva Vasudeva and Yves Ramseier.  TEI encoding by D. Wujastyk.


I think "Rao" should read "Rau", because it refers to the following edition:
Vakyapadiya / Bhartrhari. Die Mulakarikas nach den Hss hrsg u. mit einem Pada-nd. vers. von Wilhelm Rau
Wiesbaden : Steiner 1977
Abhandlungen für die Kunde des Morgenlandes ; 42,4


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On behalf of the team working on SARIT, I am pleased to announce several new additions to the archive since last year.

The current list of texts<http://sarit.indology.info/newphilo/search3t?dbname=indologica&word=&OUTPUT=conc&CONJUNCT=PHRASE&DISTANCE=3&title=&author=> is always up to date.  Each file has a header that gives full bibliographical details, statements of responsibility for the work, and a change log giving a brief diary of the history of the file.

Briefly, files added in recent months include:

  *   Mahābhārata.  Machine-readable transcription of the Kumbakonam 1906-1910 "southern recension" Mahābhārata.  Available, and searchable, in Roman transliteration and in Devanāgarī.  Transcription by Shrinivasa Varakhedi, K. V. Ramakrishnamacharyulu, Amba Kulkarni, Prahladachar and colleagues.  TEI encoding by P. Mc Allister.
  *   Pātañjalayogaśāstra.  Sūtras and "Vyāsa" commentary, from Āgāśe edition of 1904, transcribed by P. A. Maas. TEI encoding by D. Wujastyk
  *   Vācaspatimiśra's Tattvavaiśāradī commentary on the Pātañjalayogaśāstra.  Another transcription from Āgāśe (2004 reprint).  By the students of the Young Buddhist Association of the University of Tokyo (Bussei). TEI encoding by D. Wujastyk.
  *   Bhoja's commentary on the Pātañjalayogasūtras.  Transcribed from a family manuscript by Suryansu Ray.  TEI encoding by D. Wujastyk.
  *   Praśastapādabhāṣya with Śrīdhara's Nyāyakandalī.  From the Dvivedin 1895 edition.  Transcribed by Muneo Tokunaga; TEI encoding by D. Wujastyk.
  *   Sarasvatīkaṇṭhābharaṇa of Bhoja.  Roman and Devanāgarī.  Machine-readable transcription funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, under the direction of Sheldon Pollock.  TEI encoding by Andrew Ollett and SWIFT Information Technologies, Mumbai.  Innovative use of encoding and display styles to distinguish text and commentary.  We'll be applying this more widely in future.
  *   Vākyapadīya of Bhartṛhari. From the Rao 1977 edition.  Full text, transcribed by Somadeva Vasudeva and Yves Ramseier.  TEI encoding by D. Wujastyk.
  *   Vāgbhaṭa's Aṣṭāṅgahṛdayasaṃhitā with two commentaries.  This machine-readable text includes the Sarvāṅgasundarā by Aruṇadatta and Āyurvedarasāyana by Hemādri, providing a very large quantity of commentarial Sanskrit. Transcription by members of the AVP Research Foundation, Coimbatore under the direction of P. Ram Manohar.  TEI encoding by D. Wujastyk.
  *   Ratnakīrtinibandhāvali of Ratnakīrti.  Transcription from 1975 ed. of A. Thakur, and TEI encoding by Patrick Mc Allister.

Dominik Wujastyk


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