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The Oxford English Dictionary takes it back only to 1888, but that seems too late, especially given that the quotation offered seems to treat the word already as a given.

  The study of Indian history, literature, philosophy, etc.
1888   Trübner's Monthly List Oct. 134   There is not a single branch of Indology—with, perhaps, the single exception of Vedic studies—which will not gain very considerably by its publication.
1895   Atlantic Monthly Mar. 399.

  Indoˈlogian n. a student of Indology.
1897   A. Drucker tr. von Ihering Evol. Aryans 20   The endeavour of Indologians to attribute the highest possible degree of civilization to the mother-nation.

A quick search of Google books brings up some titles, but when I searched the text of those older titles directly, I got no hits, so the word "indology" must have been used in Google's bibliographic data.


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Don't know if this had been discussed earlier, but could someone point me to the literature discussing the first use of the term 'indology'?

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