Vedantatattvaviniscaya Chapter of the Madhyamakahrdayakarika

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Tue Feb 5 12:35:18 EST 2013

On 2013-02-05, at 6:26 AM, James Hegarty wrote: >.... Olle Qvarnstrom's Hindu Philosophy in Buddhist Perspective: The Vedantatattvaviniscaya Chapter of the Madhyamakahrdayakarika. Lund: Plus Ultra, 1989. Does anyone know if this work includes the Sanskrit text?<

Yes, the Skt text of the kaarikaas (not of the Tarka-jvala comm surviving in Tibetan) is given in Roman script. 

The full text of the MMK (again, only of the kaarikaas) is available in the Nagari script in C. Lindtner's edn published by the Adyar Library.

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